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The Road To The IB Diploma Programme

Students who are interested in registering for the IB Diploma Programme can do so by indicating this on their application forms for the Gymnasium during the final year of secondary school (=Grade 9).  As the IB class will be integrated into the GBplus model, we advise prospective students and their parents to inform themselves about this.

Interested students who are not in the Swiss state school system are asked to contact the Diploma Programme Coordinator directly under

Our IB classes starts from the 1st class (=Grade 10) onwards. The IB Diploma Programme ofiicially commences in the middle of the 2nd class (=Grade 11) and continues until the end of the 4th class (=Grade 13).

Students will take their written IB Diploma Programme exams in April and May of the 4th class (=Grade 13), just before taking the Swiss Matura exams.