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Darts tournament at the GB - living a part of British Identity

Around 120 students of the Gymnasium Bäumlihof had a go at darts in January during the Spezialwoche - some of the Matura students with a more competitive spirit than others, but everyone said that they had had a lot of fun. The music and the food were kept within the proper pub tradition, everyone had a nickname, and the half-day came to a close with an exciting finale. „Burning Ginger“ (Adina Koechlin 6A) reached second place, followed by „The Destroyer“ Donald Ospel (6P) and „Bullet Bob“ (Marino Conradin, 6A). The winner of the tournament - "The Machine“ (Mirko Stokuca, 6P) - received a voucher for a Darts pub in Basel.